What our clients say about us and our courses

The facilitators were excellent for my course. I was impressed by CITED on the programme, customer care, the facilitators and the excursion. I will recommend my colleagues to come and train here.

Paul Twagirayezu - Institute of Parliamentary Studies(IPS) - Parl of Uganda - Oct 2019 Says:

The facilities are good. The team at CITED is great, and the timing for my course was excellent. The excursion was perfect!

Lydie Durand - OSIWA - Senegal - Oct 2019 Says:

I was very satisfied with the services, course content and training I received at CITED. I highly recommend other potential clients to enroll for courses here. I extend my sincere appreciation to CITED management team and staff for being professional and kind to us. May God Bless CITED and the staff abundantly.

Robert Karuhanga - Electricity Regulatory Authority (ERA) - Uganda Sept 2019 Says:

The facilitators did extremely well to explain each topic in great detail. This was a very impressive course. I look forward to attending another program again.

Abdoulie Bah - (MOFEA) - The Gambia - Aug 2019 Says:

Many thanks to my facilitators! I have loved Kenya, Nairobi and CITED is the best provider of my financial needs. I was offered the most relevant recap on expenditure in finance. Thank you all!

Clare K. Kachope - Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) - July 2019 Says:

30. Our facilitators did a commendable job in imparting knowledge in areas of financial accounting. I was happy to meet good staff who take care of clients and assist them even outside the office. Please keep it up!

Richard Kezimana - EAC - Lake Victoria Basin - June 2019 Says:

29. My facilitator had a very genuine human touch in his dealings with others. I was satisfied with the training and the help from the staff.

Alagi E. Darboe - Financial Intelligence Unit of the Gambia (FIU) - May 2019 Says:

28. I thank the director and the staff for the good job they are doing as well as the facilitators for the knowledge they imparted. Nice work done and keep it up! Nice to be at CITED once again. God Bless you all!

Yawe Edward - Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) - May 2019 Says:

27. The training was very good and we loved the course content. We also enjoyed the services, facilities and the presentations. I wish to thank the Director and entire management for the hospitality shown.

Sebina Kamnkhwani - Reserve Bank of Malawi - April 2019 Says:

I am grateful to CITED for the choice of their top experts as my facilitators who all went a mile further to ensure my course was ably completed. This will definitely improve on my output at work when I return.

Amon Banda - USAID/Malawi - March 2019 Says:

1. I got a very pleasant experience with my facilitators and I am looking forward to gaining more knowledge from them in other different fields in the future related to our organisation's business. My experience with CITED was interesting and I am looking forward to other encounters in future.

Sylvia Nakiyemba - Uganda Energy Credit Capitalisation Company (UECCC) - Feb 2019 Says:

1. My facilitators are very knowledgeable in their fields of study. In addition, the field visits I got were very educative and interactive. They were helpful in all these meetings indeed.

Amie Kolleh Jeng - MOFEA - The Gambia - Feb 2019 Says:

23. The experience at CITED was worth the time and effort. The team at CITED is warm, friendly and helpful and made my stay in Nairobi comfortable. I was also impressed with the flexibility in the timetable, giving the delegate the knowledge they need vs what the institute thought was needed.

Lydia Bujara - Institute of Parliamentary Studies - Uganda - Jan 2019 Says:

CITED has a very friendly learning environment with very good staff.

Olicho Charles - Parl of Uganda - Jan 2019 Says:

21. I really enjoyed my stay at CITED and I went back a changed person! CITED has really contributed a lot to what I have become and I am today. This was my third time and every time I get back to the office my supervisors always see a difference! Keep it up!

Judith A. Sosola - USAID/Malawi - Dec 2018 Says:

20. Best place to be!!! Continue with the same spirit!

Emmanuel Ojilong - Parl of Uganda - Oct 2018 Says:

The facilitators know their subjects very well and they are able to pass the knowledge in an interactive and participatory way to the maximum benefit of the trainees. My stay in Nairobi was good and enjoyable. All the staff are friendly and supportive.

John Tumuhimbise - Min of Energy - Uganda - Sept 2018 Says:

18. The facilitators did their best and made adjustments whenever I proposed. Given the short time the course was arranged, it went well and no complaints. Well done!

Molise Koto - Min of Finance - Lesotho - July 2018 Says:

17. I enjoyed my two weeks training with your Institution and during that time I learnt a lot. This will push me many steps up a far as my job is concerned. It was nice being with you and I hope to come back again to pursue some more areas in my profession.

Tombong Ceesay - The Gambia National Library - June 2019 Says:

I was so impressed with the services of CITED. The resource persons are so committed and well organised. They respected their training time.

Jainaba Jallow - Gambia Public Procurement Authority - GPPA - June 2018 Says:

It has been a wonderful experience, thanks to the entire CITED team. They are welcoming and they create a conducive environment for learning.

Abdourahman Badjie -Personnel Management Office - The Gambia - April 2018 Says:

The facilitators are always very prepared, well experienced and full of knowledge. It was worth attending this training. I will recommend it to others as well.

Fallynce Ziba - USAID/Malawi - April 2018 Says:

13. All the facilitators did well in imparting knowledge. I loved the way they engaged participants in discussions. It was a very useful course which will be helpful in my present work.

Damascent Kabanda - EAC Secretariat - Mar 2018 Says:

Good services you are rendering and above all your hospitality during my two weeks is commendable!

Siaka Saidykhan - Dept of Lands - The Gambia - Mar 2018 Says:

I thank the management of CITED for making life easier than I thought. You really have taken care of me throughout my stay in Nairobi. Keep it up! This is so unique for me for I have visited a number of places in Africa and the experience was exceptional! God Bless you all!

Mathias Alexandar - USAID/Malawi -Feb2018 Says:

10. I loved the environment offered for our training. Both the facilitators and the staff were very friendly and supportive. The training was well organised. We also loved the flexibility of the organization who tailor made the course content to fit our needs.

Modester Kachapila-Millinyu - Min of Agriculture - Malawi - Oct 2017 Says:

I enjoyed the flexibility of training facilitation especially on the course dates as it is not practical when they are very rigid/fixed. I also comment on the possibility of customization of the course content so as to attain the trainees' objectives/goals.

Samson Shimimana - EAC Secretariat - Sept 2017 Says:

The facilitators I had took me to different levels! CITED has given me a special addition to my personal and professional life!

Maggie Chibwana - USAID/Malawi - Sept -2017 Says:

I appreciate the interaction I've had with the entire CITED management and trainers. I am positively looking forward to another training session with you!

Susan Kagendo - EAC - April 2013 Says:

7. The resource persons were very detailed on the topics covered. It was an experience that was worth because it did not only improve my skills but also added value to my work thus improve my performance at my work place.

Tony Mendy - Min of Lands - The Gambia - August 2017 Says:

The resource persons were very active, have excellent training skills, knowledge of the subject matter which made the whole training very interactive and successful. I really appreciate the good relationship created by both the Administration and facilitators.

Amie Njie - Min of Higher Education - The Gambia - July 2017 Says:

The facilitators have an excellent grasp of the subject area. Facilitation was excellent in that they communicated effectively and drove the point home. The training met the set objectives.

Mitchum Galafa - RCMRD - Kenya - July 2017 Says:

The facilitators were excellent. Honestly I learnt a lot from them that can personally improve my career development as an Executive Assistant. The CITED team has friendly people and always willing to support when need be.

Lucy Haddy Camara - NAWEC - June 2017 Says:

I found this training very effective to my upcoming career as an administrator and the institution very resourceful. I enjoyed every moment I spent at CITED and the country as a whole. Everyone at the institution treated me well and they made me feel like I was home!

Sainabou Nyass - Min of Higher Education - The Gambia - June 2017 Says:

The facilitation went beyond the level of the expectations that I had. The staff at CITED are professional and welcoming to the delegates giving them a conducive environment for learning.

Thandiwe Tanya Mosala - OSIWA - South Africa - May 2017 Says:

I enjoyed every bit of my stay in Nairobi being at CITED. I was able to meet the set objectives for the classes and was able to combine fun and work! Thanks to the team.

Ndeye Aita Sarr - Open Society Initiative for West Africa (OSIWA) - Senegal - Feb 2017 Says: